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Election Integrity


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What Is a Trifecta? 

Having one political party in control of the state Governorship, Senate, and House is known as a State Government Trifecta. Currently, Republicans have a trifecta in these 23 states: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, West Virginia, and Wyoming. 

What Can I Do?


  • Click on your state in the map above. You will be redirected to your state legislature home page.
  • Find your state senator and state house representative.
  • Check the list of legislation bills and or prefiled bills to see if there are any bills on Election Integrity or election laws.
  • Contact your state legislators and make appointments to meet with them either when they are home in district or plan a trip to your state Capitol.
  • Know the election laws of your state. Print off a copy of your existing election laws.
  • When you meet with your elected representatives, have a list of ideas or election laws you would like to see become legislation, or have information on the prefiled bills that you would like to see become law.
  • Come up with a strategy with your representatives. How can you lobby to make a prefiled bill go to a vote?
  • Once you have a list of bills you would like to see become law or if your state is in need of major election laws, email all republicans in your district. Ask them to send an email or place a phone call to your elected officials. Give clear instructions to your contact list so you are reenforcing the same message. For example, you found a pre-filed bill titled S 123 that you would like to see become law. Ask your list of contacts to email and call your representatives to move that legislation along or co-sponsor the bill. Another example would be you discover there are no pre-filed bills on election integrity. So, ask that everyone call with the same message that conveys how you are disappointed that election integrity is not a priority to the representatives but that you believe election fraud occurred in the 2020 election. Also consider writing editorials in your local paper as well as asking all Republican organizations in your county to email their contacts and encourage them to make calls and emails as well. The more people calling, emailing, and pushing the same message the better.


  • Mandatory voter identification in order to vote.
  • Thorough hygiene of active voter logs. A thorough cleansing needs to be done in every precinct in every county in every state nationwide. Names of people who have moved and people who have passed away need removed. Every state needs to have this done at least once every 3-4 years.
  • Ban the use of drop boxes. The left likes to scream voter suppression and making it easier to vote. In reality, these boxes lead to multiple opportunities for fraud to occur.
  • Ban any ability for citizens to register to vote on the day of the election. In allowing people to vote on the day of the election, one cannot determine if the address they provide is legal.
  • Ban the use of mail in ballots being sent to every name on active voter logs. If the state is not cleaning voter logs, in mailing a ballot to every name allows for ballots to be mailed to deceased individuals and people who have moved either out of state or to another address in state.
  • Ban any ability of allowing ballot harvesting
  • Know what kind of machines are used at your voting location. Does your state use Dominion or ES&S voting machines? (ES&S voting machines are used in South Carolina and Kentucky) After the 2020 elections, the attention was on Dominion voting machines. Many online articles written prior to the 2020 election describe the same malfunctions in ES&S machines that people witnessed with the Dominion machines.
  • If the state is going to continue using Dominion and or ES&S machines, push for a bipartisan audit of every machine used in the election after the election. The scanned slips that show which candidates the voter chose should be compared to the tabulator to make sure that no votes were added, and that no votes were switched during the tabulation of the vote.
  • Ban the ability of poll workers opening mail in ballots prior to the day of the election.
  • Push for a return to paper ballots
  • Does your board of elections website have a place online for a constituent to go to get off voter registration logs in the event they are moving out of state? Many states BOE have a place to “change your address” if a person is moving in state but neglects to inform a citizen on what to do if they are moving out of the state and need to be removed from the voter logs.

Sample Letter to Representative

Tips When Writing Your Representative

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