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Testimony on Deceased Individuals Remaining on the Active Voter Logs in SC


Most state voter registration logs are a mess. This is a direct result of many states not purging their roles of regsitered voters that have moved out of state or are deceased.

It is easy to be proactive and help clean up voter logs. Here's how you can help:

The interactive map below links directly to each state’s Board of Elections information. Although states may operate differently, most allow you to look up whether you are still an active registered voter.

If you have moved out of state in the past 10 years or you know of a family member who is now deceased, but was an active voter, then visit the site by clicking on the state. Follow the instructions to look up registered voters. By knowing a deceased family member’s birthday, one can also double check to make sure that their name is no longer on the voting logs.



Voter Fraud


Did you know that your state’s Board of Elections is a valuable resource tool? For anyone actively engaged in state politics, below are some ways to use your Board of Elections to help REPUBLICANS win in 2022!

(DISCLAIMER: Every state has their own laws for elections. Some states allow voters to register online, while others do not. Some states allow voters to view their voter registration online while others do not. Just be aware that most states function and run the same way, but all suggestions listed below may not apply to every states website.)

  • Use the website to register new voters.

    • Will your child or grandchild be 18 and a citizen of the United States by November 8, 2022? Have them register online.

    • Holding a new voter registration drive? If you have access to the internet, you can have new voters sign up online.

  • Have you, or someone you know, moved and have a new address different from your driver’s license?

    • Use the website to update your voter registration information.

    • Know of someone who is in the military or will be away at college? Use the site to find out how they can participate in the election.

  • Help voters find their polling location and identify their precinct.

  • Find out about upcoming elections:

    • Smaller state elections (mayor, governor, school board)

    • Bigger elections (Congressional, Senate, Presidential)

  • View sample ballots

  • Request an absentee ballot

  • SIGN UP TO BE A POLL WORKER (we need as many Republicans as possible to work at the polls on November 8, 2022)

Besides the website being a useful tool to answer and guide questions for elections, it also can be used as a tool for people actively involved in volunteering and working on campaigns.

  • Election Results

    • Use the results to collect data. How many registered voters are in your precinct? Of these registered voters, how many voted in the 2020 election? How many voted for Republican candidate Donald J. Trump? How many voted for Democrat Joe Biden?

    • How many new voters were added since the 2020 elections? How many voters participated in the 2020 primaries? 2020 General Election?

    • How many are registered Republicans? Registered Independents? Registered Democrats? If your state does not register by party, click here and download and print the Engage The Right handbook and find out how you can begin to organize your precinct and get involved.

Do you want to stop voter fraud and the dead voting? Is this something you are passionate about and want to be proactive? Did you know that you can do this on your own and help stop the “dead vote”?

Engage the Right is a grassroots movement of concerned conservatives. Patriots who care about our country and the direction we are headed politically.

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