Newsletter February 22, 2021

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US Citizenship Act

The Joe Biden regime moves forward with its socialist, open-borders agenda. US House Representative Linda Sanchez (D -CA) introduced Biden’s Immigration bill last week. According to NumbersUSA, the bill includes:

  • Expanding Chain Migration,
  • Increasing the Visa Lottery from 55,000 to 80,000,
  • Expanding Birthright Citizenship,
  • Repealing the 3-year/10-year bars for illegal presence, and
  • Creating a partisan commission composed of lawmakers, employers, and labor unions to make recommendations on improving worker verification.

GOP Reorg

If you want to make a difference in the Republican party, you must be involved. Now is the time to get involved.

Republican Party Precinct Reorganization will begin in March. If you are unfamiliar with the “reorg” process, check out the info from Jeff Davis and his team atMYSCGOP, including this video.

Being active in your local GOP is the only way to affect positive, meaningful change in the Republican party.

Contact your county GOP headquarters today!

Rush Limbaugh

Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh, 70, passed away from lung cancer on 17 February. For over 30 years, Mr. Limbaugh blazed the trail in talk radio, founding his Excellence in Broadcasting “EIB” network, where over 20 millions listeners tuned in every week to the nationally syndicated show. Rush was a legend. He will be missed.


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