Newsletter March 18, 2021

H.R. 1883

This House bill was introduced by Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA) to enact a moratorium on immigration, build the wall, prioritize securing the Southern border, repeal certain executive orders which endanger the security of the United States, re-assert a zero-tolerance immigration policy, ensure the safe return of unaccompanied alien children, reduce human trafficking, deport criminal aliens, and end chain migration.

Contact your members of congress and ask them to co-sponsor the bill.

The Attack on the Legistlative Filibuster

The filibuster is an effective tool once heralded and praised by the Democrats (when they were in the minority). Now, however, the progressive wing of the Democratic caucus has pushed in recent weeks for a limited reform to the filibuster rule that would allow for its suspension when the Senate is voting on legislation that would expand voting rights. It takes 51 votes to change the Senate rules. With an evenly split 50-50 Senate, Democrats Manchin and Sinema are so far refusing to eliminate the filibuster.

The filibuster requires 60 senators to agree before the Senate can end debate and vote on a bill, ensuring that the minority party is represented in legislation. If the Democrats successfully end the filibuster, then legislation passes with simple majority of 51 senators.

Reach out to your senators and urge them to fight to maintain the legislative filibuster.

This Week - In the Spotlight

Tracy Beanz is an investigative journalist (and fellow South Carolinian) that does a tremendous job reporting “the facts” and looking to “keep our government, institutions, and representatives accountable.”

The entire UncoverDC team do a phenomenal job in reporting the latest newsworthy items affecting our country. 

Check out their Telegram channel and I encourage you to listen to their podcast, “Dark To Light with Frank & Beanz,” broadcasted on Mondays, Wednesday, and Fridays.

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