Newsletter April 14, 2021

SC House Legislative Oversight Committee

Laurie, founder of ETR, provided testimony before the South Carolina House of Representatives Legislative Oversight Committee last week, explaining independent research conducted on S.C. voter registration logs. 

The research identified deceased S.C. voters in a sampling of the 46 counties across the state who remained on the active voter registration logs. Research revealed over 2,500 deceased voters remained on the active voter logs and a handful of instances revealed deceased voters had voted after dying. Mind you, this was just a sampling of the data in a handful of the counties.

To listen to the testimony, click here and start about the 12-minute mark.

Special thanks to all of the volunteers who helped with this project, as well as Representative Weston Newton, Chairman of the House Legislative Oversight Committee, for the invitation to share our findings.

Activism Starts Locally

Many people have asked how they can get involved politically, especially as it relates to voter or election integrity. That’s what ETR is all about! Our mission is to educate, motivate, and get people engaged in politics.

The voter registration logs need a thorough cleansing in most states! For a detailed explanation on how you can become active in conducting your own voter registration oversight in your state, check out Chapter 7 of the ETR Handbook.

This Week - In the Spotlight

MyPillow founder and CEO, Mike Lindell, is launching a new social media platform called "Frank Speech" on April 20. 

Rumored to be a combination of Twitter and YouTube, Mr. Lindell has been banned from several of the traditional social media sites after his outspokenness of the fraudulent 2020 election. He decided it was time to launch his own platform that promotes free speech.

If you haven't had a chance to read his book, "What are the Odds? From Crack Addict to CEO," I just finished it and highly recommend it.

Clay Clark’s Health & Freedom Conference 2021

Sidney Powell, General Michael Flynn, Lin Wood, Mike Lindell, and other special guest speakers will be featured for this event on April 16 & 17 in Tulsa, OK. 

Watch the event live – check the website here for details.

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