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Newsletter March 18, 2021

H.R. 1883 This House bill was introduced by Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA) to enact a moratorium on immigration, build the wall, prioritize securing the Southern border, repeal certain executive orders which endanger the security of the United States, re-assert a zero-tolerance immigration policy, ensure the safe return of unaccompanied alien children, reduce human trafficking, deport criminal aliens, and end chain migration. Contact your members of congress and ask them to co-sponsor the bill.

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Champions Not Lost

The combined one-two punches of recent events have left me with a rather negative disposition. Both events seem to have affected me in a deeply personal way, I suspect even more so than the typical conservative crowd. Perhaps as a foil for my forlorn emotions, I took to reading a copy of Ivanhoe that I had been in the family for ages but that I had never read. It’s as beautifully written as it is at times baffling to understand in the olde English language. But its lessons on man’s capacity for bigotry and chivalry are as instructive as they are timeless. It started me thinking on the subject...

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Newsletter March 7, 2021

ETR Episode 2 In our latest episode we interview voting technology expert Dr. Duncan Buell, a retired University of South Carolina professor of Computer Science & Engineering. We discuss the ES&S voting machines used in South Carolina, as well as other important voter integrity topics.

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Newsletter March 1, 2021

Episode 1 LIVE Our first video episode is live on the following social media platforms: Rumble Brighteon Please share with your family and friends. Episode 1 is the first message of a two-part series on Voter Integrity. In Episode 2, we'll be conducting an interview with an expert in the security of electronic election systems (ES&S), Dr. Duncan Buell, a professor of computer science and engineering at the University of South Carolina. 

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Newsletter February 22, 2021

Thank you We sincerely appreciate all of our supporters and followers. This movement is grassroots: Patriots standing up to preserve and defend our republic.  Our goal is simple:  To educate, inform, and motivate Americans to be active in local, state, and national politics. Have you read the revised handbook? 

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