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In a recent national poll, 87% of Republican respondents said it is important for the government to place new limits on voting to protect future elections from fraud. Furthermore, most voting technology and cybersecurity experts agree that any election machine can be “hacked,” even though the election last fall was billed as the “most secure” in American history. Nevertheless, our conservative grassroots organization, Engage the Right, along with other local, state and national conservative organizations have found alarming statistical anomalies, mass mail-in ballot initiatives, vote switching from one candidate to another (as a result of a computer “glitch”), and other revelations from around the country, painting a very different picture of what really transpired in the November 2020 election.

With all of the events leading up to the election; the COVID-19 pandemic, rioting and looting across America (in the wake of the George Floyd killing), elected state officials and courts changing election laws without legislative approval, we cannot help but conclude there was a coordinated effort by the progressive left to “steal" the election under the pretense of “fortifying” it. (Read the Time magazine article, “The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign that Saved the 2020 Election”)

Our SC based conservative grassroots organization, Engage the Right, is disappointed and frustrated that our Legislature failed to pass any elections reform bills this 2021 session and believe now is the time for concerned conservatives to speak out. As South Carolina registered voters, we the undersigned, petition our State Legislature, Governor, and Attorney General to restore voter confidence in our elections by ensuring election and voter integrity is maintained in all future elections through the following measures:

State Election Commission Must Accurately Update Voter Registration Logs

  • Engage The Right estimates over 3,000 names of deceased active registered voters in South Carolina (across a sampling of forty-six counties) remain on the active voter list. Furthermore, we identified several individuals who have allegedly voted “while deceased.” It is evident that the current procedures used to remove or reconcile names from the active voter registration list are not working.
  • In today’s digital world, there is no reasonable explanation as to why the SEC is not able to quickly and accurately remove and / or reconcile voters in the electronic voter registration database.
  • Engage The Right has testified before the SC House Legislative Oversight Committee regarding errors and omissions in the voter registration logs. Watch the testimony.

Hand-marked Paper Ballots for Voting

  • A five-member board of the SC State Election Commission (SEC) with questionable credentials awarded a $51 million dollar contract to ES&S for the use of their voting machine technology, to include the ExpressVote Universal Voting System Ballot Marking Devices (BMDs). Many experts believe these BMDs are not secure from hacking or manipulation of vote tallies.
  • The ES&S ExpressVote Universal Voting System uses touch-screen technology that produces a paper record for tabulation. However, the voters’ selections are recorded in a barcode located along the top of the printed ballot. The voter’s cast ballot is tabulated by an optical scanner (DS200) according to the data contained within the barcode on each ballot. Since the barcode transmits the voters’ selections, a BMD ballot is NOT voter verifiable.
  • Well-designed hand-marked paper ballots with thumbprint verification, combined with risk-limiting post-election tabulation audits have been proven to provide reported election results that accurately reflect the will of the people.

Conduct A Full Forensic Audit of the 2020 Election Results

  • A full, forensic audit should be conducted, at a minimum, in the largest S.C. counties to verify:
    • Chain of custody was preserved
    • Election results for all races are tabulated and reported accurately without any vote switching or manipulation, either through the use of internal / external computer software algorithms or through computer hacking via an external I.P.-based cybersecurity threat.

Pass Legislation to Secure our Vote

  • Prohibit ballot boxes, ballot harvesting, and mobile voting buses in the state.
  • Prior to every state-wide election, send every registered voter on active voter registration databases in the state a pre-paid postcard and make that voter confirm they are alive, they still live at the address listed in the database, and that their address is not a P.O Box, UPS box, Fed Ex box, church or other location that is not a “domicile.” This will require a change in our statutes.
  • Prohibit ANY outside private money from other states, organizations, or nonprofit foundations to be granted to the state or counties to influence our elections. Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and his wife donated over $350 million dollars to an organization called Center for Technology and Civic Life (CTCL). 41 of 46 South Carolina counties applied for and received grant money from CTCL totaling over $5 million dollars, without any state oversight. Another million-dollar grant was given to the state by the Center for Election & Innovation. Two counties in the state received money from USC Schwarzenegger Institute as well. This is in addition to the money given to the state from the CARES Act. This “dark money” must stop influencing our elections!

We The People of the State of South Carolina demand that our elected officials investigate the 2020 election to ensure that each and every legal vote cast is accurately reflected and tallied according to the will of the people, and furthermore, take immediate action to amend our state election statutes to secure the vote and restore voter faith in our elections systems.

Please complete our petition below if you are a South Carolina registered voter. 

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