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“We need common sense, not chaos. We have to put people over politics. And country before party.” – Joe Cunningham

Joe Cunningham campaigned on “Lowcountry over party” as his slogan. This page is dedicated to showing that Mr. Cunningham is just another liberal politician.

He deceived voters, intentionally ran as a moderate, broke South Carolina election laws, lied about being an Ocean Engineer in South Carolina, and he is currently the second most anti-Republican member of Congress.

Does that seem like a moderate who is Lowcountry over party?

Joe used this video prior to winning.

He wanted the constituents to believe that off shore drilling was the biggest issue we face in our state. The first sentence is “As an ocean engineer…” Did the reporters following him around daily know that he is not an ocean engineer in the state of South Carolina? 

Click here for the news article.

Despite Joe’s claims to not taking money from PAC’s, this is not entirely true.

He has had multiple PAC’s help with donations, as well as MoveOn helping to promote him on Facebook with a video. The videos were placed in user’s feeds based on their congressional district.

If a user clicked on the video, all of their personal information used to sign up for a Facebook account was given to MoveOn without the user’s knowledge.

MoveOn then used this information to text voters prior to the Election. MoveOn spent over $4.2 million in payments to Facebook.

MoveOn has also helped Joe Cunningham with over $34,000!

Campaign Contributions Revealed as Cited in Center for Responsive Politics

*Links provided herein courtesy of Center for Responsive Politics

A 5 Pinocchio Tweet from @JoeCunninghamSC 

An unsolicited text from

The 314 Action Fund Connection

314 Action Fund is a registered Federal Political Action Committee or PAC. The first sentence on their about page states “science is facing unprecedented attacks by the Trump Administration.

In order to fight back, we need to elect more scientists to Congress.” This organization also goes on to say “we need leaders who aren’t afraid of data..”

Prior to the November 2018 Election, if a donor chose to donate to Joe Cunningham via 314 Action, the transaction would show up as ActBlue.

This is a way to hide money or, perhaps, a way for candidates to state they do NOT take PAC money.

Nothing to see here, folks… Just “Lowcountry” Joe breaking SC election laws!

“It is unlawful for any person to procure votes in an election by threat, intimidation, coercion, mistreatment, or abuse; or by the payment, delivery, or promise of money or other article of value.”

According to South Carolina law, candidates on the ballot have guidelines that they must follow on the day of the Election.  

“It is permissible for a candidate to be stationed outside the polling place but within the above stated 200 feet area, greet voters and solicit votes, provided there are no complaints by voters to the managers regarding this activity, or as long as in the managers judgment there is no disruption of the orderly election process.

We have screenshots from both Republicans and Democrats who saw then candidate Cunningham on the day of the election at multiple polling locations. He was seen not only campaigning in line, but also giving voters snacks and water. 

Swipe through this gallery to see Joe Cunningham campaigning at the polls.


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