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“No dream is too big, no challenge is too great. Nothing we want for the future is beyond our reach.”
-President Donald J. Trump


The time to get involved, get motivated, get organized, and get engaged is now. Democrats campaigning for and supporting the ideas of socialism, free college, open borders, Medicare for all, and infanticide should scare every American. Click below on the Engage The Right handbook. This handbook can be used in any precinct, congressional district, or state. GET ENGAGED TODAY!


The Handbook

Download our easy-to-use tool for concerned conservatives wanting to engage in the political process.

Leader Reference Guide

Are you ready to start a group in your community? Here is a quick reference tool to get you started.

Voter Registration Guide

Get this useful voter registration guide! Created by voter registration expert, Scott Presler.


Engage the Right is a conservative, grassroots movement of concerned conservatives. We are patriots who care about our country and the direction we are headed politically. We have volunteered or been involved in some capacity with the Republican Party, the TEA Party, and a variety of local, state, and national campaigns, including the campaign of Donald J. Trump. As volunteers, who often served on a daily basis, we gained invaluable insight as to how the election process works. Our hope is by sharing our experiences  anyone wanting to make a difference politically can get engaged for the upcoming 2020 election and the re-election of President Trump.

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